Beyond the Microscope.

There is no such thing as cell division in the absolute sense for all is one homogeneous whole. We can clearly see this from outer space. It is called the overview effect. The person who sees his hand calls it his hand but it is still the same person. The person who touches his hair calls it his hair but it is still the same person. The person sees separation whereas there is in reality none. So it goes with cells. The biologist who uses a microscope and sees multiple cells, or, who sees that cells divide sees division this although all cells are still the same person. There is only continuous motion and continous self differentiaton for the purpose of self-companionship. So there is no such thing as division in the truest sense. And it is man who has invented all words and then forgot that his words create an illusory sense of division or separation whereas there is none. Similarly so it goes with the divine Self (also known as God, Shiva, Allah, Paramatman or simply Self). Self perceives itself as differentiated but all differentiation verily is Self. The reason for this Self conceived and Self perceived differentiation is two-fold in nature: 1) It is not good to be alone 2) It is very good to be able to experience companionship i.e. love. What it essentially comes down to is that there is no such thing as division and that all differentiation, or biological diversity or variation, serves but one purpose. This purpose being companionship, friendship, love. In the simplest of possible terms. The purpose of Self is Love. Or. The meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann