There is but the One Primal Cause.

The sea gives birth to ten-thousand waves, each of which playfully perceives itself as a distinct entity. However, we must realize that every wave is not separate, but rather an integral part of the sea. The purpose of the sea is twofold: firstly, it is not good to be alone, and secondly, it is very good to experience Companionship, which we may refer to as Love. We can apply this analogy to the purpose of the universe, where the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation are said to be caused by quantum fluctuations in the early* universe, as supported by observations from the cosmic microwave background explorer COBE, the wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe WMAP, and the planck spacecraft. While the causes of these fluctuations may seem complex and varied, the simple truth is that it's all about Love. (* relative)
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist