In the beginning, before the word became flesh, before speech and words, there was indeed only the word. Then, the word became flesh and correctly called itself aham which means self. Regardless of the above, it was indeed not good for aham to be alone. It was not good for self to be by itself. Thus, self desired companionship and veiled itself as manifoldness so to avoid aloneness. Self veiled itself so to be able to experience companionship itself. From then on, self perceived itself as two, and then some, for companionship and love. But in this evolutionary process (evolution meaning love in action) aham or self quickly lost itself in its own words and started calling itself adam instead of aham and then abraham adding more and more sounds to its own vocabulary eventually loosing itself in its own translation. Yet now as in the beginning, all this is still aham, all this is still self, and the purpose of the self is still love. It is why self is diverse. All this so not to be by oneself. All this so to be able to experience companionship, friendship, love. There is as such nothing to fight about for the singular purpose of self is love.
~ Wald Wassermann