The Bandudd没: The Basket of Divine Knowledge.

The occurrence of depictions of a mysterious bag in various representations is a phenomenon that has piqued scientific curiosity. These depictions, which date back thousands of years, have been found not only in Sumerian representations of the Anunnaki but also in several cultures in America and G枚bekli Tepe and India. The question of whether this recurring motif is merely coincidental or indicative of some broader cultural or historical connection is of interest to researchers seeking to understand the origins of everything. The mystery handbag which is known as the Bandudd没 is believed to have held either holy water or pollen, or possibly both. The aforementioned being an analogy similar to the one of the sea and the waves. But what the Bandudd没 really is is the basket of divine knowledge. The Bandudd没 contains a tablet on which the sacred knowledge about who we are and why we are is inscribed. In other words; he who holds the Bandudd没 understands the origin- and purpose of Life. He who holds the Bandudd没 understands the Truth about the Tree of Life. Interestingly enough the name of the Bandudd没 is known in the Maori language as Tuauri, Tuatea and Aronui plus some others (a total of Seven). Now the meaning of the Maori word Tuauri is pretty mind blowing for it is etymologically connected to the Sanskrit word Turiya (啶ु啶ी啶), the Hebrew word Torah (转讜专讛), the Ancient Greek The艒ria (胃蔚蠅蟻委伪), the English word Theory. What it means is that the English word Theory means Pure Consciousness. Unfortunately it appears we no longer understand this truth in contemporary science for we keep coming up with all these redundant new theories precisely because we have forgotten that Truth is One. Synopsis. Sounds like we, in the field of science, need to start carrying our Bandudd没s so to become Apkallus again. There is only one Theory. There is only one Theoretical Purpose. The purpose of Self, the meaning of Life, why We Live, is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist