The Origin of the Universe: The Bigger Picture.

According to the Big Bang theory, the universe started as a singularity, which was a point of infinite density and temperature, and then rapidly expanded in an event known as the Big Bang. At the earliest moments of the universe, all matter and energy were compressed into this single point, which contained all the mass and energy of the universe. The conditions inside the singularity were so extreme that our current understanding of physics cannot fully explain what happened during this early stage. However, after the first fraction of a second, the universe cooled enough for particles to form and radiation to be released. The universe continued to expand and cool, and the particles eventually combined to form atoms, which then combined to form stars and galaxies. The expansion of the universe is still ongoing today. The singularity is considered to be the starting point of the universe's expansion and the beginning of time as we know it because it marks the point at which the universe began to expand from an incredibly hot and dense state. Prior to this point, the laws of physics, as we understand them today, may not have been applicable, and so the singularity represents the earliest moment at which we can start to make scientific observations and predictions about the universe's evolution. While the above sounds all fine and dandy I would like to posit that (1) the singularity is in reality Self; all this is Self (2) Self is simply Self-differentiated in Life so not to be by itself (3) The purpose of Self, the reason of Life, is Companionship also known as Love. Some other things to point out? When it comes to particle physics; I posit that all this is Self partnering with itself so not to be by itself. And when it comes to atoms as in plural or the atomic sciences in general; I posit that we are defining atom the wrong way and that there is in truth but one atom, one all-pervasive Self and finally: there is no difference whatsoever between the Big Bang theory and Biodiversity. I know that sounds like a handful but what it essentially comes down to is that the meaning of Life is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist