The Forgotten Meaning Of The Word 'Sun'.

The word 'Sun' is derived from the Latin word 'Sol', which means 'Sun'. Although seemingly unrelated, the Latin 'Sol' is actually derived from the Proto-Indo-European root word 'Sรณh₂wl̥', 'Sฤwel-' pronounced 'Swรก(l)-', which is thought to mean 'Sun' or 'To Shine'. But if we were to dig a bit deeper we would find that this word is linked to the Sanskrit word 'Svรก', 'Swรก', which means 'Self'. Therefore, the word 'Sun' means 'Self', although some knowledge of Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European linguistics is required to fully understand this truth. In conclusion. The word 'Sun' has its root in the word 'Swรก' i.e. 'Swรก(l)-', which means 'Self'. It takes some time to figure it out. Some linguistic knowledge is required. But the root of the word 'Sun' is 'Self'.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist and Etymologist (A Good Combo)