Profound Interconnectedness.

The concept that Charles Darwin introduced in modern science is undeniably profound—the interconnectedness of all life, from minute microorganisms to grand vertebrates, through a vast genealogical network. This profound notion, known as the "Tree of Life," serves as a comprehensive framework for understanding biological diversity and forms the bedrock of contemporary biology. However, despite its foundational significance, numerous branches of this intricate tree still elude our complete understanding, representing intriguing mysteries yet to be unraveled. I put forth the following for our consideration.

1. Premise: There is diversity; diversity is observed in various domains of life and the universe.
2. Premise: Diversity can arise from multiple contributing factors but all contributing factors have one originating cause.
3. Premise: This one originating cause is Self not wanting to be by itself.
4. Conclusion: The purpose of Self is Companionship otherwise known as Love which is why Self is Diverse in Life.

~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist