The Surprising Etymological Origin- and Meaning of the Word Sun.

What we know is that the origin of the word Sun can be traced back to Sowilo (Sōwilō) which is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic language name of the S-Rune (, ); the S-Rune is said to mean Self (S) Secret (Rune) or the Secret is Self which is a secret within a secret for 'There is no secret since all is Self' but it is perhaps more probable that Rune is derived from Rúni (rhymes with Rūmī) which means Good Friend. Regardless and not to get too side tracked; the word Sun can also be traced back to Sunno (source of Old High German Sunna, Middle Dutch Sonne, Dutch Zon, German Sonne, Gothic Sunno). So far nothing special except that which is underlined above. Now it becomes interesting. In Proto-Indo-European (PIE) Sun means Suwen pronounced with a soft spoken U as in S(u)wen, S(u)ven which is directly related to the Sanskrit words Shva, Svaḥ, Śvā, Sva (स्व) meaning One's Own or simply Self. Furthermore it is interesting to note that the Sanskrit word Asur (असुर) out of which the words Assurance, Insure, Insurance (or even the Big Sur) arose not only means Svar (स्वर्) or Heaven but One Self, Oneself (A meaning One and Sur meaning Self). We could go on forever and explain that the etymological meaning of the words Sverige and Schweiz (and perhaps most if not all the names of countries) is 'The Kingdom is Self' or 'The Kingdom of Self' (hence also the United Kingdom or the Star Spangled Banner named the United States/Stellae) but that's for another chapter. For now let us remember that, etymologically speaking, the word Sun literally means Self and perhaps more importantly that the purpose of Self is Love which is why Self is Diverse.
~ Wald Wassermann