Beyond Hypotheses: Uncovering Life's Origin and Purpose.

It is said that there are many different theories and hypotheses about the origin of life and that scientists continue to investigate these ideas through a variety of experimental and observational methods. Some scientists believe that life may have originated in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, while others have proposed that it may have arisen through a process of panspermia, in which microbial life was transported to earth from another planet or moon. Other researchers are exploring the possibility that life may have emerged through a series of chemical reactions that occurred spontaneously in the early earth's environment. So while there has been significant progress in understanding the mechanisms of biological evolution and the conditions that may have given rise to life on earth, it is said that there is currently no scientific consensus on exactly how or why life first emerged. I don't subscribe to this cloud of unknowing. Truth is fully known.
~ Wald Wassermann