We Are Defining Theory the Wrong Way.

We in the field of contemporary science are defining Theory the wrong way. In the current understanding, the word "theory" refers to a well-substantiated explanation of natural phenomena that has been extensively tested through observation and experimentation. A scientific theory is not simply an idea or a guess, but is a well-supported and rigorously tested explanation that has been repeatedly confirmed through evidence and observation. It is also said that scientific "theories" are subject to ongoing scrutiny and testing, and can be modified or even discarded if new evidence or observations emerge that contradict or modify them. What do I say? The contemporary definition of Theory is erroneous. There are no Theories as in plural. Theory is always one. Theory is always singular. There is only one Theory. There is only one Torah. There is only one Turiya. There is only one Consciousness. There is only one Self. Not that it matters for what matters is the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self is not to be by itself which is why Self is diverse in Life. The purpose of Life Companionship also known as Love; Love so Love.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist