Conflict Resolution.

When we search the web, we find thousands upon thousands of articles about conflict resolution between partners, parents & children, and between nations. It is true; we are different. We have different opinions. We have different ideas. We look different. We speak differently. We express ourselves differently. And sometimes, and perhaps not surprisingly, this creates conflict. So how do we resolve this conflict that was born out of difference? It's quite simple really. We have to retrace our steps and remember the purpose of our differences. Why are we different in life? The question sounds complex but it is not. The reason why we are different in life is so we, the one, would not be alone. A romantic may say that the purpose why we are different in life is love. And this is actually pretty much spot on. We are different in life for companionship, for friendship, for love. So, whenever we encounter conflict, it's important to remember both how and why we all came to be. We should remember that our existential reason is companionship, friendship, love. Consider it this way: The sea creates many waves but all waves are verily the sea. If we confine ourselves to the notion that each wave exists independently from the sea, then we haven't truly grasped the purpose of life. But if we understand that the sea manifests many waves for the sake of companionship, friendship, love, then we have attained the highest wisdom available. Then we understand that the veil of separation exists for love. The more we could all understand this, the better we can live together. Hence, the importance of possessing the right knowledge, understanding, and education. Conclusion: We are different for love.
~ Wald Wassermann