The End of Science is Love.

Since there is only one energy, but different fluctuations, could it not be said that this one energy fluctuates itself, rather than that all fluctuations appear separate or fluctuate separately from this one energy? A very profound question indeed. It can and should be argued that all fluctuations and manifestations in the universe are expressions or fluctuations of a single underlying energy. What it means is that all apparent diversity and separateness of phenomena are ultimately interconnected aspects of a unified whole. In this understanding, which is rather absolute, the idea of separate fluctuations is rightfully understood as different manifestations or expressions of the same underlying energy, rather than entirely independent phenomena. Yet the truth is that this wisdom, the wisdom that all is inherently one, does not suffice. The truly wise naturally continue and ask for what purpose there is diversity or differentiation within oneness, or why one is diverse in life? The unequivocal answer is love. Love is the ground reason of being.
~ Wald Wassermann