Big Sur.

Some contemporary discussions in evolutionary biology suggest that Darwin's theory of evolution resolves the age-old problem of infinite regress. According to this view, evolution, characterized by 'descent with modification', operates through the mechanism of natural selection, wherein organisms with advantageous traits thrive and propagate, leading to the gradual evolution of species over time. While this narrative holds undeniable merit, it is essential to recognize its limitations. While it is correct that Infinite Regress leads to a Singular Truth; I would like to point out two important facts. Firstly; the word 'SurVival' is derived from the Latin words 'Sur' meaning 'Self' and 'Vivere' meaning 'Lives'. Secondly and perhaps more importantly so; I posit that the origin of Self is Self not wanting to be by itself which is why Self is Diverse in Life. What it comes down to is that the Theory of Evolution, Life, is essentially all about LOVE.
~ Wald Wassermann