When we argue or fight, it certainly feels like we are playing a role that doesn’t quite feel right… that we are off script somehow or misaligned… that it is not who we really are... that something is off. We know it. We can feel it. It is our innate self which beckons us to return to the truth. The truth which has been buried by layers upon layers of blindness, ignorance and half-truths. Truth is that we are here not to argue nor fight. The only reason why we are here is so we could experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. So while some in Hollywood give Oscars for what they deem is the best act, we must not lose sight of the fact that the one true purpose of this Holy Brother and Sister act called Life - the reason why we are different - is Love. For the more we align ourselves to our true purpose, the more heavenly our Life becomes. And the further we distance ourselves from our true purpose, the more hellish our Life becomes. And let me assure you that the purpose of Life is Heaven. The simple suggestion here, thus, is to remain, at all times, firmly established in the truth, in the true gold, in our real purpose of beingness, instead of allowing ourselves to be whiskered astray into a hell realm by half-truths or fools gold. Now I have absolutely nothing against fools gold as long as we remain grounded in the real gold.
~ Wald Wassermann