Rejoice in the Truth.

Is Life inevitable in the Universe? It is Good asking this question. Very very Good! Here's the answer. 1) Universe is derived from the Sanskrit word YÅ«ni which means both One and Womb of Creation (hence Union or Onion; layers are many but Truth is One). 2) Since it is not good for One to be alone (see Genesis 2:18) One is different in Life (Anime with An meaning One). 3) One's purpose (the purpose of YÅ«ni or Self or Life) is Love. In conclusion? We are all brothers/sisters here. Instead of getting too worked up about superficial nonsense we should have more beers and laughs together and rejoice in the Truth! The Truth not only sets free. The Truth also brings great joy! And joy is very much needed in the World. So by all means do spread the Truth! Cheers.
~ Wald Wassermann