Cellular Symphony: One Cell, Many Movements.

Perhaps I am orthodox in my assertion but I posit that all life is derived from or reducible to a single cell. Let me rephrase this. There is only one cell which is self differentiated so not to be by itself. In this theoretical framework, all life is conceived as originating from a singular, primordial cell—a unitary entity from which all biological diversity emerges. This singular cell, in a profound act of self-differentiation, undergoes intricate processes to manifest the multitude of forms and functions observed in living organisms. Rather than existing in isolation, this primordial cell self-differentiates into diverse cellular entities, each contributing to the complexity and richness of life. Thus, while appearing as distinct entities, all cells are ultimately interconnected manifestations of the singular primordial cell, perpetuating an intricate web of life. Not that the above matters. What matters is the motivation behind all this self-differentiation. The motivation for all self-differentiation is love. You can bank on that.
~ Wald Wassermann