All is G-d and G-d is Love.

Das was du bist, Liebe ist.

Consciousness Self-Exists.

Ode aan de Menselijkheid in de Mens

Love is Here to Stay: United as One we Stay the Course

Meu Amor, meu Anjo Amor, Você é Amor!

Mo Ghrá. Tá Tú Grá!

What Unites Human Beings as One

Love Is Which All Is

Allah is Love.

Brahman is Love is One without a second.

One Earth Humming with Love

Alles ist Liebe und Liebe ist in allem.

O Amor é a Fonte da Vida


The Harmony of Our Common Nature

Positive Vibrations: Love Resonates Within Us All

Isness is Love.

Speaking about Love

Amore. Ama sempre. Grazie amore mio!

Miłość jest jedyną prawdą.

L'amour lui-même existe.

'Nous sommes l'Amour - Telle est la Vérité.'

Characteristics of Self

Not There; Here

Love is The Choice

One Earth: In Love with All Life

Living in Love is the Reality of Life

Positive Signs of a Loving Universe

Grazie amore mio. Ti amo.

Want Less ~ Love More

You are Looking Good

You Are Loved, Always

Life is Love Crystallized. (Don't Do Drugs)

then there is you Love

Love, You are a Miracle

Smile Sweetheart Smile, Love Means You


Liebe, für immer...

Thank You for Being You

Love: We Are Home

Being Conscious of our Loving Nature

United in Our Loving Nature

In Awe with Our True Loving Nature

El Amor es la Fuente de la Vida

Fundamental Characteristics of our Common Nature

The Common Good: One Universal Brotherhood

Love is Present in All: Love All Equally

Lass uns lieben, immer mehr ~ Let's Fall in Love

Thank You

Love Always Is: All are Loved

Reality is Love Realized.

Love Really Experiences Itself as Life.

Love is All Around: Love is You Actually

Self-Awareness is Love Being Conscious of Itself.

Beings of Love

All Are Created Equal

Love from Charming Delta Baryon Bay

You and I are One of a Kind

Elements of our Loving Nature

Follow Your Dreams: Naturally Loving Nature

Love is the Song of all Life on Earth

United in Love: Our Loving Nature

Caritas vincit omnia.

Today is a Good Day: You are Beautiful

Love ~ The Nature of One - Earth

Life is Grand

Чи існує справжнє кохання? Так - Природа = Любов

സ്നേഹം മാത്രമേ നിലനിൽക്കൂ.

Człowieku, Lubię Cię!

Бог 'есть' любовь

Love creates the Miracle of Life

Always Love ~ Always One ~ United in Love

Wahre Liebe? Natürlich! Liebe ist die wahre Natur des Menschen

Man of Nature

The Heart of the Matter is Love

Mankind is Love Itself

Love is the Golden Rule of Nature

Beautiful Beings: Love Life. Love Yourself. Love All.

Coming together as One

La vraie nature de l'amour: c'est dans notre nature!

מהו טבעו האמיתי של האדם? זה הטבע שלנו. זה מאחד אותנו. זאת אהבה.



هل الحب حقيقي؟ نعم فعلا. الحب الحقيقي. طبيعتنا الجميلة!

В чем истинная природа человека? Наша природа: Одна любовь!

The Birthplace of all Life is Earth: Love

Mother Nature is the Garden of Eden

Live Life in Love with All

Healing Words: Love is Always and Lives Forever

Beautiful Meaning of Love

All is Good: Love is Always

Love is our Purpose: The True Meaning of Life

Caring for Each Other

The Meaning of Life: Love

Angels of Love

Love is Golden: Truth

Love is One's Home

True Love is You

Children of Love


We Can Find Each Other As Love

Music from Earth: A Love Song

Love: The Center of the Universe

Planet Earth: Love Always First: Fact

Love is the all-inclusive Space Time Continuum

Love is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

Self Love causes its Self to Exist.

Liefde is de eeuwige bron

Falling in Love: It is the most natural thing in the world

Trust in Love

Love is You ~ You are Love

LOVE, — it is who we are

Someone, someday soon.

Equality for All: The Meaning of Love

Love Embraces All: Our True Loving Nature Unites All

The Message of Love

The Unity of Life: Lovingly One

Love is the Essence of Life

نحن واحد؛ حب

Our Loving Nature

Love is the Truth as it is One's True Meaning of Life

Love Yourself for You Are Love

Love, Laugh and Live Life to the Fullest

Universal Harmony of Nature: Our True Loving Nature

Be as you are Love

All is One: One in Love

Believe in Yourself: Dream Beautiful Wondrous Dreams

Our Nature is What Unites Us: Love is in Our Nature

Belief of One in Love with All: One Loves All

Existence Itself Proves with Certainty the Existence of God

Clarion Call: Protect the Weak they are the Shelter you Seek


love lights the way

Lovely is this Cloud of Knowing

Believe in Love as You Are Love

Todo es Amor y el Amor está en todo.

Love Causes Expansion Universe.


How to Achieve World Peace

A Beautiful New World: Peace on Earth: That Loving Feeling

LOVE is what WE ARE.

Love Rings True: Love is Truth