Oneself Causes Gravity. Oneself Uholds Gravity so it can Ground Itself.

All is One Self. One Self itself is. Indeed, One Self upholds itself transcending its own material(ized) self. It it is elementary we connect the words One and Self for Oneself knows no separation for its equation is I. Now then to the question of gravity. Oneself causes gravity.  Gravity exists so Oneself can ground itself. Indeed, Oneself upholds gravity to ground itself, i.e, to matter-ialize itself. Oneself upholds gravity for the purpose of self-manifestation/self-materialization. All matter is Oneself holding itself together. All the laws of physics are caused by Oneself. Oneself causes itself. Oneself upholds itself. All the laws of physics are contained within Oneself. Oneself causes the laws of physics. Oneself causes that which it itself (humanity) tries to describe through fragmented laws of physics which are naturally inconclusive for they are not all-encompassing but rather nitpicking- and labelsticking attempts to discover all is Oneself. Oneself encompasses itself and fragmentation it knows not. There is nothing but Oneself upholding itself. There is nothing but Oneself comforting itself.  Oneself itself is and compartmentalization is an abstraction. Physics has spent decades to seperate everything into a pletoria of theories this although all theories are Oneself. Theories are mere attempts to explain away what is nothing but Oneself. Oneself studies itself without knowing it it is Oneself; it itself 'is' the One indivisible Self that upholds itself. All the branches of physics are Oneself looking for itself this although they already are the One Self. Fragmentation is an illusion; all is Oneself and it is G-d.
~ Wald Wassermann