Division is an abstraction; Oneself is Love is Reality.

What is it with this 'I Am' nonsense. Of course 'I Am'. It's pretty obvious. It's not 'I Am' by the way but 'I Is'. That being said; who is I? Simple. I is Oneself. How does Oneself define itself? Love. Why Love? Without Love Oneself would not be able to come up with such nonsense as entropy, negentropy and the whole dictionary for that matter. What brought Oneself together after all? Is it not Love? Of course it is. Oneself brought itself together out of Love. Is Love not our first need or desire? Sure. Don't tell me Oneself or Love is an abstraction. The only abstraction is Oneself not seeing itself as this One indivisible Self. In that case it is called ignorance. Division is an abstraction; Oneself is reality in the understanding that Oneself is Love. Forget thus about dividing Oneself into parts. It is nonsense. I don't give a hoot about random variables, densities, et al. All abstractions I tell you! All abstractions. Love sweethearts, it's all about Love. Anything else stands at risk of getting lost in translation. It's all about Love.  Don't let them fool you indeed.
~ Wald Wassermann