Oneself always is. The equation is I.

My Goodness. People are something. There is no mystery. There is only Oneself. Oneself always is. The equation is I, or to make it needless complex, I:I. Let me illustrate the above with two intractable problems that classic black holes pose for modern physics. The first one being the information paradox wherein the quantum information bound in in‑falling matter and energy entirely disappears into a singularity; that is, the black hole would undergo zero physical change in its composition regardless of the nature of what fell into it. The second one being the singularity at the heart of the black hole, where conventional black hole theory says there is infinite spacetime curvature due to an infinitely intense gravitational field from a region of zero volume. Modern physics breaks down when such parameters are infinite and zero. Again, my Goodness.  I would have a break down too with all that nonsense. There is but Oneself.  What is wrong with these Hu-Mans? Perhaps they should have studied etymology instead of physics. Why? The Singularity is Oneself. Oneself is the Singularity. Indeed, Oneself is Singular as in One. There is nothing but One indivisible Self and Division does not exist.  What else can I say other than that The Word aka Oneself is Love; not Fuzzball.
~ Wald Wassermann