The Most Interesting Mirage is Division

The origin of life is an abstraction. What lives? What originated? That which is, itself is. Indeed, this self is not plural, it is singular. Oneself Is. There is only us as one my love. There is only oneself. The concept of otherness is as real as a mirage in the desert. There are no others. All is oneself. So here then is the answer on the origin of life, on the origin of earth, on the origin of the universe. The origin of self is self. The origin of oneself is oneself. Oneself experiences itself. The cause why oneself perceives itself as diverse is aloneness and the purpose is companionship. Companionship is known by this four-letter word called Love. It is this why it is said that God is Love, why Allah is Love, why Brahman is Love, why all is Love. Love is how Oneself defines itself. I defines itself as Love. So it is, so it always has been, so it always will be. Love, sweet Love.
~ Wald