One Perceives Otherness not to be alOne.

The answer to the question - is it true that we are all one consciousness - is yes. We is not we, we is One. One is not external. One is Self. Self is One. Oneself 'is'. Consciousness* seeks to negate is own al(Oneness) this not to oppose or fight itself but not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, to Love and Be Loved in return. It is correct to note that existence was born out of loneliness. It is even more correct that Self desires Companionship which results in Self perceiving itself as variegated in the current. Time exists for this very purpose. Time is Self-perceived to experience Companionship. All that is here is Self; Self desiring not to be alone, Self desiring Companionship. Since Companionship is a synonym for Love, Love is the meaning of Life for That which is Life is Oneself desiring Love. All that is required for Humankind is to understand the purpose of its own beingness. The purpose of beingness is Love. (* Self)
~ Wald Wassermann