Otherness exists for togetherness. That which desires togetherness is Self. Hear O Ísrael. Hear O Íshmael. Hear O ميكائيل. Hear O מִיכָאֵל. Hear O Арха́нгел. All that is here is Self. Self Itself Is. Í is Í. Esau. Ít is Í. 𐬀𐬴𐬀. Í is Really One, Division there is None. Truth is Í desires otherness for togetherness. Í is Self desiring not to be by Itself. Í is Self desiring Companionship. Í is Self desiring to Love and Be Loved. There is NO enemy. There is nothing to fight. There where otherness is perceived is Self (Í) desiring not to be by itself. Yes Love Love. Í is nameless, numberless, equationless but since Love is the essence of Self; Self is verily Love. The equation? 'Í=Love'.
~ Wald