Knowledge of Self.

In cosmology, there is this idea that the universe originated from a quantum fluctuation in a zero-energy universe. This hypothesis was made by the physicist and cosmologist, Dr. Edward Tryon in 1973 and published in a paper titled 'Is the Universe a Vacuum Fluctuation?'. In this paper Dr. Tryon proposed the idea that the universe might have originated as a quantum fluctuation of the vacuum energy of a pre-existing zero-energy universe. Another physicist who has contributed to the idea of the universe as a quantum fluctuation is Dr. Alexander Vilenkin. In 1982, he published a paper titled 'Creation of Universes from Nothing' in which he proposed a model in which the universe could arise from a quantum fluctuation of a false vacuum state (a poor choice of words). It will be appreciated that I am no fan of such evasive¹ scientific word speak especially when there is so much confusion in the World. So while some may state that the total energy is zero in all cases of the standard cosmological models, I simply posit that we are defining zero the wrong way. Truth is that the origin of everything is Self² and that (I) the purpose of Self is not to be by itself which is why (II) Self expresses itself as the Universe, the World and Life; as Diverse³. In conclusion. The purpose of Life is Love. It is as simple as that.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist