What I am saying is rather intense in the sense that it could change how we view Life. I do subscribe to the view in cosmology which holds that the Big Bang resulted in the subsequent inflationary period that led to the creation of the universe as we know and the formation of stars, planets, the world and eventually Life. But I go the extra step and I say well, wait a minute, what's up with all this locomotion? What is the motivation behind all this creation or differentiation? Why is there motion in the first place? Is it that bad for One to be alone to begin with? Let me tell you one thing. We in the field of science are making everything sound way too complex. We want to distinguish between different stages and aspects of the evolutionary process to understand how they are related and differ but then we get our heads stuck in these compartmentalizations. All these different labels, these different words, they all create a sense of separation. So naturally we don't see the big picture anymore. Truth is that it's all so very simple really. The Big Bang and Biodiversity, although currently seen as two separate concepts are in reality one and the same; we are talking about the same thing. All pages and chapters are part of the same book are they not? So it goes for the Big Bang and Biodiversity which are all part of the same evolutionary process. The point I am making is this. Yes. It isn't really that good for One to be alone, it isn't really that good for Self to be by itself. That's why there's Life. Life's purpose is not to be alone. Life's purpose is Companionship. It's always been about Companionship right from the start. In nuce? We are here not to fight each other. We are here so not to be alone.
~ Wald Wassermann, Physicist