Oneself Underwrites Itself.

All that is known and all that is unknown, it is all One and the same. This One and the same is all that is as One for it is. There is nothing that is thus not this One. We can thus deduce that it is One Self. Yes, One Self is without any division whatsoever. After all; I don't see any walls in the universe of any kind. So all is not just One but One Self. Now it is wise that we connect these two very important words. What do we get? Oneself. Remarkable in its simplicity. All is Oneself, Oneself Itself Is. There are no others. Otherness is imagined. Yes, to keep Oneself company.  It is correct.  Now, none of the above really matters were it not for a couple of interesting observations related to physics. Take the Earth for example that seems suspended in space as if it were hanging by an invisible thread. Of course, it feels that away. Why? Oneself levitates itself. Oneself upholds itself. All there is Oneself taking care of itself.  All there is is Oneself comforting itself.  Gravity?  What about gravity?  Here we have then the answer as to what underlies physics. It is Oneself. Oneself is the master of its own universe. Oneself creates and upholds physics for it is Self-supporting itself. All is always G-d for there is nothing but G-d; G-d itSelf is. What else can I say? It is the truth. Are we not? All is One, Oneself is. Only for Love, only for Love... Never forget, all the others are all the you.
~ Wald Wassermann