All is One without a second.

The purpose of consciousness is to love and be loved.

The Dance of Love

The Matter of Life and Love

Divine Love at Heart

الحب يقبل جميع الأديان كما صحيح.

Love is Ultimate Reality

The Whole of the Infinite is Love.

Powerful Self Love Affirmation: For I am Love

The Self is Always Love.

The Beauty of Nature

One Luminous Sea of Love

What Unites Us: Life (r)evolves in Love

Life on Earth is Lived in Love

I am Love - We are Love - It is That What We Are

Unity is Strength: Faith in What Guides Us Forward

Life is a Cosmic Love Song

Love, please love...

We are Love Itself

Life is Love's Miracle

What drives evolution?

ALLAH IS LOVE; there is nothing but LOVE.

Love; Verily So

Love feels right in every language

God is at the Center of the Earth.

The Most Important Realization About Life

We are none other than Love experiencing Life.

¡Somos el Amor!

Earth is Heaven Made Manifest.

Embracing (y)our uniqueness

Love is our Origin, Purpose and Destiny

Liefde is de fontein van het leven

Does True Love Exist?


Всё есть Любовь, а Любовь есть во всем.

Love: Source, Purpose and Destiny

Love is all-inclusive

When God Realizes it is God.

The Song of All Life is Love

Love uplifts us forward

Love is the First Truth

Love is the Soul of Humanity

The Planet Dreams Love

Benevolence is Mankind's True Nature

Love is Source and Destiny

On the Origins of the Universe

One Earth meaning One Love

Love is the Source of Life

Love, 'You Are' (it is true)

The Origin of Life is Love

We Stand United in the Message of Love

Life is Best Lived in Love as Love is Source/Purpose/Destiny

United we Stand One Brotherhood of Wo-Man-Kind Et al.

Ein Sof is One Love.

The purpose of Love is to experience itself in its physical manifestation — Life.

Naturally Falling in Love

Love is the First and Noblest of all Truths

A Message of Love for Humanity

The Harmonic Order of the Universe


illum_I - SELF/LOVE

Goodness is Perfume for the Soul

Love; it's what we have in common

Kindness is in our Loving Nature

The Case for Jupiter's Moon Europa... or Kepler-452b

Peace is the realization that we are Love itself

The Harmony of One World


God Self Exists

Literally, 'All is Love and Love is All'

Self Materializes Itself.


Have Faith in Love for it is Who We Are

Love Yourself The Way You Are

We are Love: We are the Mission

Love is in the nature of all things

You are Love! So Live! And Love!

Humans and Nature: A Harmonious Relationship: Fact

"Our True Nature": It is Naturally Peaceful

"Everything is Matter": Why Love Matters Most in Life

Verily, All is God.

Earth is Stationary for Self is Stationary.

All That Is


Love is the Feeling that is Universal

Earth IS Heaven; All of you; Angels.

Tat Tvam Asi: Self is Brahman

The Center of the Universe is the Center of Earth.

Bliss is acceping one's Self as Love for one always is.

We are Love itself

Solve Intelligence by Understanding Love is Truth

The Unity of All Life: Love

Love is who we are


Humanity's Nature: Naturally Compassionate and Kind

Life is a Gift

Life on Earth Arises in Love

The Center of Earth is the Center of the Universe.

الحب هو المصدر الأبدي.

Love is the presence that lives in all of us

All the World’s a (Really Beautiful) Stage

The Manifold Existence of God/Self/Love.

We are but One United in Love

permanently in love

Positively Love and All Good Things

Could You (Literally) Be Love and Be Loved?

Love is the Source of One

Love is in thy Nature: Live Life in Love with One Another

любовь объединяет всех - love unites all

كلمة الحياة ~ محبة مدهشة حتما

Universal Loving Harmony: One Love ~ One Earth

The Universe of One in Love with All

Life is a celebration of Love

사랑은 근원입니다

Our Father Gives Birth to Mother Earth.

Seeing Love in all Things

LOVE, — this is who we are

Liefde is de Werkelijkheid


The origin of all life is love

See yourself as LOVE for it is who you are.

Love is at the Heart of our Universe: This Loving Earth

الحب ينبوع الحياة.


Love Lives as Life.

Love Itself Lives as Life.

We as Love

Love is Your (True) Nature