On the Origin of Life, How Life Comes Into Being

God is Love is One in Reality

Created in the Image of Love for God is Love.

Everything is God; Love is Everything

Love Binds All Things Together

Self-Acceptance is Love accepting its Self.

Love is the First Cause.

Existence is an Effect of a Cause; the Cause is Love.

Love is not a religion but the reality of existence.

Love Unites Us

Love is doing the very best it can in any given moment.

Nihilism Exists. There, I made my point.

alles ist immer g-t(t)

I Promise You, You Are Love.

The Cause is Love.

All is (United by) Love.

Love leads existence.

Life is Love in Reality.

Love precedes truth.

Love born out of Love is fully Love itself.

We are Love on the Existential Level

To be is to be Love.

One Unity of Love

Love is the Reality of Life

What Unites Us

Love never does us part.

We are One; This One is Love.


Love is the Totality of Existence.

I Am Love. So Are You. For We Are.

There are many but One.

One is always Love.

Meeting as Love


Self Love is innately us.

Love at the Heart of Existence

Self Love is the First Cause of the Creation of the Universe.

Be as you are Love

All is Divine


Surrendering to Source is Surrendering to Self.

Pure Love experiencing itself.

Love, therefore we are.

All is One Holy Sea.

Love is the Cause.

Even Stardust is made of something...

All that originates from Love is Love.

We Are Defining God the Wrong Way

Love is Omnipresent

We Are Always Love

Life is Love in Reality

Love is at the Heart of Creation.

Gravity is Self-Caused.

All Leads to Love

Emptiness is not Empty, it is Full, a Plenum of Love.

Love Creating Love

The Person is Love in Reality.

Understanding Love

The Cosmos is One Plenum of Love.

Love is the only reality; see one another as Love.

Love, It's Time To Realize Who We Are

Love is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

All is Love in Reality.

Love is the one and only reality.

Love is (God of) All

The Self Births its Self

The Jewel inside the Lotus Flower.

Love and its Creation: One

You are always Love.

Love is One.

Only Love Exists.

Love is you as you are.

Love is in Essence the Completeness of our Being

Love: One, but in different forms.

All that Exists is Love; See Love as Everything.

Existence is a superimposition upon Love.

To be is to be Love; One!

Love is the Reality of Existence.

Love is All

Love is the First Truth and it is Self-Evident.

Self Love in the Flesh.

Self - The Secret of How Life on Earth Began.

The Reality is Love, Always Love.

Life is Love in abundance

Existence is The Anointed One Itself.

Self-Love is One's Natural State of Being.

Love's Journey is One

We are Love experiencing Love.

God is not God; God is Love.

The Thought behind the Creator creating Creation

Full circle is realizing all is Love in reality.


All is Love; such is the truth.

Peace Lies in the Heart

Мы Единое Единство Любви.


You Are Love Itself

Love is One.

Love is who we are; what all is.

Flood Yourself with Love

Love Leads to Life; Life is Fully Love.

See all as Love for all is Love in Reality.

Love is The Origin of the Universe, Earth, and Life

Evolution is Love-Realization.

We are Love searching for Itself.

Earth is Heaven realized

We are Love on a Journey of Self-Realization.

Love is a Singular Experience

Thank You

Love is always who you are.


Be Still and Know You Are Love

Love is us as One for we are.

In order to exist; one must be Love.

Reality is Love Realizing Itself

Love is the Singular Truth of Existence.

We are One in Reality

You Are Always Love.

There is no Truth higher than Love

We are One Unity of Love.

Life is Love experiencing Itself.

Love upholds all.

We exist; therefore we are Love.

The Truth is Self-Evident; Love is Self.

ایک ہمیشہ محبت ہے۔

Earth is Love Realized.

Self-perceptions are superimpositions on the reality that is Love.

Wake up, sleeper, you are Love itself.

Life is Love Realized

Love is Self-Existent

Mother Earth holds God.

Meditate on Love

God Gives Birth at the Center of Earth.

Love Recognizing Itself.

Love is the (underlying) Reality of Existence.

See all as Love for it is Love what all in reality is.

Nothing can exist outside Love.


Het Summum van de Liefde is het Leven

Любовь – это первая истина.

Self-Existential Proof of the Existence of God.

Self, God and Love are One: This One is Self-Love

Love is a Prerequisite for Existence.

We are Love in Reality.