Nothing can exist outside Love.

Self, God and Love are One: This One is Self-Love

Love is a Prerequisite for Existence.

We are Love in Reality.

Love; I guarantee it is you.

We are this One that is Love

Existence equals Love

We are Love Living Life.

Love is Who and Why We Are

Be as You Are Love Itself

Love is a Continuously Improving Continuum.

Love is establishing Heaven on Earth.

Love makes us fall into Life.

Love-Realization is Bliss.

The reality of Life is that it is Love.

Love, we are self-experiencing ourselves.

Heaven is Love in both its unmanifest and manifest form.

LOVE is the nature of reality

See One Another as Love on a Journey

God is One; God is Love itself, God is Self-Love

Heaven Exists; Heaven is Real: Earth is Heaven Materialized.

Life is Pure Love in Reality

Evolution is Love realizing its Self.

Life is Temporary; Love is Eternal.

We are Love

Love Self-Exists

Existence is fully Love.

God 'is' Pure Love Consciousness

We are becoming conscious of being Love itself.

Love is Cause; Existence the Effect.

Love is us as we are. We exist; therefore we are Love.

All is Love in Reality

Self-realization is the pathway to happiness.

You, Your True Self, You are Love Itself.

World Conflicts are the Result of Incomplete Self-Realization.

Life is Fully Love

Love is Cause; Universe the Effect

The Highest Truth is that 'Existence is God-Realization'

We are Love experiencing Life.

Love is establishing Heaven on Earth

Love is a prerequisite for existence.

The Purpose of Love is Life and The Meaning of Life is Love

All is Love without exception.

Be as You Are Love.

Existence is One Plenum of Love.