Wherever I turn, there I am.

The Christian Cross Symbolizes the Circle; the Circle Earth.

Joy to the World: Peace is Heaven as it is (on) Earth

Love: The Greatest Gift for Our Children

Love-Realization: The Way for Couples to Solve Relationship Problems

Stay True to Yourself Love

You are and always will be: Love

What is Love More or Less?

Loving Energy of Earth is the Center of our Universe

Thank you for being as you are Love

Love Gives Life To All

Universal Loving Kindness

Awakening in Love: Earth's Loving Energy

And I Saw that All Was Good

Earth's Love Song: Natural Loving Earth

Compassion for Earth: Please Love!

Earth's Current: Please Love Earth

The One that is Love is Earth. Love Earth.

true love: love is truth: earth

the dream of one is always one loving earth

Kindness, How We Act

Tutto è Amore e l'Amore è in ogni cosa.

Life: The Miracle of Love

The Cross is a Circle.

Reverse Engineering leads to Realizing that Love is One's very own OS.

Suspended in Space.

Життя - це Любов; Любов Матеріалізована.

peace is heaven is earth

Love is 'that' what you are.

Positive Integer Loving Earth Facts: Love!

uncondional love within

love one another: all are children of one in love

past present future are one: this moment is time: love

The Truth Is That We Are Love Ourselves

true love: the meaning of life

love is eternal, infinite and omnipresent

your loving earth is heaven: love nature

forgiveness happens in the current: love

Reality is Really Love

present in love - the world is good - always getting better

true love is the awakening in love

awakening in love

A Szeretetben Minden Létezik.

Die Liebe Selbst

love is this moment - this loving momentum the continuum

love is the bioluminescent glow of the soul

love ~ this moment in time is the current ~ love


your loving nature - love nature my love

one in the lovely current ~ the current is love

gently loving soul

Love is Universal: All-One in the Unity of Love

Die Menschheit: Die Liebe Selbst

we are all one - all is love - one source

love ~ the power of one ~ love

love is the universal language

you are present in love

The second coming is announced by the ones in Love with All

love all one in the current - love is the current

all is illuminated by the light of love

LOVE, — it is why we are

The Gathering of Love


love matters: the matter of loving thoughts

love truly as you are

thank you for being you

love and the butterfly effect

all is one - love one another - one in love

you are 'that' what you seek

life is the miracle of love

being in love signs - universal loving signs

love is the breath of life

All Wo-Men-Kind are Created Equal

I Am Therefore I Am Love

Love upholds all

Forgiveness and Love: A Choice: Choose Now

Gewoon Zijn is Goed Genoeg

past present future rolled into one; love

Read This If You Want To Know Why You Are Worthy of Love

Flood yourself with Love

Lovingly as You Are

life is the loving symphony of compassion

infinite love

True to Nature is One's True Nature

love is the first movement

love is always this moment is time

love life and presence

love is the breath of life

the poem of love is you

The True Meaning of Unconditional Love is 'You As You Are'

waves of love

The Meaning of Life: It is You Love