Love is the Reality of Existence

Love is Self-Evident

We are Love made Real

See All as Love. All of it is.


Suspended in Space.

You are Love itself for God is Love.


Love is Reality; Life is an Abstraction

Reality is One Plenum of Love

God is literally Love and so are You.

Life is Love Realizing Itself.

Love one another for all is Love.

All is Love Manifest.

Love is Self for We Are Love Itself

Existence is Self-Love


You are Love

Evolution is a synonym for Self-Realization

Life is our Ultimate Achievement

Existence is this One Self-Experiencing Reality

Life is the Destination: Enjoy It

Life is Love in Reality.

Love is who we are

LOVE IS graspable for it is who YOU are

Love Yourself for You Are Love Yourself

Love is Reality Itself

Love in Abundance

Earth is Love made manifest.

You are Love Experiencing Life

Normality is Seeing All as Love

Existence is Fully Love.

The purpose of life is Love wanting to experience life.

The State of Existence is the State of Self-Love.

God 'is' Love; God is (not God but) Love in Reality.

Life, from a purely scientific/biological perspective, is Love


God Encircles Itself

Naturally, All is One.

אַלץ איז ליבע.

Existence is One, Existence is Love, Existence is Self-Love

The true message of God is one of Self Love.

Reality is Love Realizing Itself

Love Experiencing Itself

Love, Positively Love

Love Itself is Who We Are

We Are Love Ourselves

All Roads Lead Home for Home is where the Heart is.

Love is Self

Allow Your Self To Be

Love is the Answer

Love is our Way

Love is One

This Reality of Love

Alignment with Love for it is Truth

Love is the Center

Enjoy Life My Love

Everyone is Love

Love contains all things in itself

Existence is a Plenum of Love


Existence is a Creation of Love

Love is the Most Real as is the World

Earth is the Mothership.

See Yourself as Love for You Are

Earth is the Temple of Love

Love Realized as Life

What is the definition of self-realization? Love realizing itself.

Tantsi Nii, Nagu Keegi ei Vaataks.

एक नेहमी प्रेम आहे

Love is us collectively

Love is Self-Propagating

כּוֹסִי רְוָיָה

The Purpose of Science is to Better the World.

Life is Pure Love

Existence is Love made manifest

Being Love Itself

We are Love — such is the truth.

Барлығына Махаббат ретінде қараңыз.

Maya is the illusion of the Ego; NOT the Self.

Life is literally Self Love.

The Reality of Love

The Messiah is Not a Person but Self-Realization as Love




You are Love Yourself

Love is Cosmic Totality

Life is a synonym of Love

See yourself as Love for you are.

Simply Love

Life is Love's Miracle: See all as Love

There is only Love



Love is self-forgiving

Self-Existence: All That Exists is Love

Inner Peace

As Above So Love


Existence is Love

We are Love Itself

See all as Love


Love has come home.

Out of Many, One



It is technically impossible not be Love.

We are not figuratively but literally Self Love.



Love is the Most High


Love; such is the truth for it sets us free.


We are (not just mere) Stardust.

Seeing only Love

You are not figuratively, but literally Self Love.

A Meeting of Equals



Le temps de l'Amour est toujours.


Let us Love


Love Poem to Humanity


We call it Love